About Gastric Sleeve Revision

Numerous individuals seek gastric sleeve revision in Tijuana, Mexico at OCC to address unsuccessful outcomes of their previous bariatric procedures. Renowned for their expertise in Tijuana, Mexico, our bariatric surgeons have pioneered innovative revision techniques for individuals experiencing undesired results or encountering adverse effects. These complications may arise due to outdated surgical methods, improper execution, or the expansion of the stomach pouch over time, leading to weight regain.

  • Cost: Starting at $5,500
  • Recovery: Patients will have lifting and activity restrictions for about about 6 weeks after surgery 
  • Included in Cost: Pricing covers pre-op testing, manometry, endoscopy, surgery, anesthesia, post-op care, transportation, medications, 5-year follow-up, and 24/7 aftercare. Airfare is not included
  • Discomfort: Minimal 

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Update your gastric sleeve.

We are innovators when it comes to revising and “saving” a failed gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico. Many patients come to us from around the world to upgrade their initial surgery and achieve their best weight loss results.4, 5

What does a revision treat?

Failed or “sloppy” sleeves will not achieve the desired results. Bariatric surgery with re-sleeving treats obesity, metabolic disease, sleep apnea, and diabetes. Bariatric surgery can also reduce high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and lower the risk of heart disease and heart failure.4, 5, 6

Is gastric sleeve revision safe?

OCC has the highest patient health ratings and safety standards that exceed most American hospitals. Certified by the Joint Commission, and a certified International Center for Excellence. Very few international hospitals achieve this status, and many American hospitals do not.

Why revise a gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve surgery, or sleeve gastrectomy, has become the most popular procedure in bariatric surgery. Sleeve gastrectomy is a highly effective metabolic and weight loss procedure. Still, like any other type of bariatric surgery, a small percentage of sleeve patients may only experience initial weight loss or may even regain some of it a few years after the surgery.

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How is gastric revision surgery performed?

The IGS IMPROVED GASTRIC SLEEVE® is created within the stomach through surgical stapling.

Is there pain?

Pain after the surgery is minimal. You may have some bloating and gas after the re-sleeve procedure.

What are the side effects of gastric revision surgery?

Bloating, heartburn, leakage (rare).

How do I prepare for my gastric revision surgery?

Pre-surgery diet and supplements to prevent weight gain before the procedure. Our nutritionists will guide you every step of the way.

What is the downtime?

One night in the hospital after the new procedure followed by a three-month program of integrating back to normal, solid foods.

Is there a follow-up program at OCC?

Five years of counseling and follow-up. You’re a member of the #OCCFamily for life.

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Will my stomach expand after surgery?

It’s normal for the stomach to expand over time after a sleeve gastrectomy.

Much of the initial minimal gastric capacity is related to the inflammation and scarring that occurs during the recovery time, which can take six to eight months to resolve.5, 6

After this time, the stomach regains elasticity and relaxes to accommodate more food. This increase in capacity usually allows most patients to eat a third of a typical meal. In most cases, the reduced capacity is sustained, or increases very little in the following years. Many patients eat less than half of the food they consumed before this revision surgery.

Why did my bariatric surgery fail?

There are several reasons why a sleeve gastrectomy could fail and lead to inadequate weight loss, or even weight regain.

These include complications related to the bariatric surgery technique, the capacity of the stomach to stretch or dilate, chronic complications from the gastric sleeve, or not following nutritional guidelines. For more information about gastric sleeve revision surgery in Tijuana, Mexico at OCC, visit ncbi.nlm.nih.gov. 4, 5, 6

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The procedure steps

After introducing a calibration tube, surgeons perform the stapling portion of the sleeve gastrectomy (cuts, seals, and removes part of the stomach) on any stretched or dilated gastric sleeve segment. In some cases, we extend the sleeve due to proximal or distal portions that the previous surgeon didn’t divide into precise anatomical landmarks. After the completion of the extension, we suture the stomach with strong non-absorbable material. The greater curvature of the stomach is in-folded close to the calibration or sizing tube, creating a perfect-sized gastric sleeve and adding protection to any stapled areas. In some other cases, the size of the gastric sleeve may not allow further stapling. Still, gastric plication reduces stomach capacity compared to the previous sleeve gastrectomy.4, 5, 6 

How gastric sleeve revision works

Obesity Control Center, the leading medical tourism destination in Tijuana, Mexico, can correct technical issues with a sleeve gastrectomy with a revision surgery or Sleeve Rescue™ featuring the IGS Improved Gastric Sleeve® that resizes the sleeve to a smaller size with and combined procedure that involves stapling (“re-sleeve”) and suturing (gastric plication). With a high success rate of over 26,000 successful surgeries in Mexico performed, we are a world-leader in safe and effective bariatric surgery. We are proud to have four full United States-based accreditations for health and safety in gastric sleeve revision surgery and tightening.

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Why choose OCC for Gastric Sleeve Revision/Tightening?

OCC has international recognition, holds U.S. certifications, and has an impressive track record of successful bariatric revision surgeries. Our state-of-the-art facility is located just one mile south of the border. We transport you in our private luxury van directly from San Diego airport to our facility, a 30-minute trip. Every detail is geared to make your journey to weight loss positive and rewarding – as well as exceptionally safe. Our treatments are customized for the individual patient and developed to address obesity-related health issues, and every treatment includes a 5-year follow-up program. Obesity can be treated with the most advanced surgeries with improved outcomes and a shorter recovery time – and we are known as worldwide leaders.

Meet with us.

If you have concerns about traveling to Mexico for surgery, read our reviews and "meet" other patients in our support group, and speaking with other OCC patients will reassure you.

We can set up phone or zoom consultations with our surgeon. Our goal is a happy, successful, healthier patient that refers their friends and family to OCC and shares their experience with others.

There is no greater compliment than when an OCC patient refers their friends, family, or associates to us, and it happens every day.

Your new life – OCC can help.

These are safe and effective methods for providing adequate restriction through surgical intervention, allowing for solid food and the best weight loss results without generating nutritional problems or other chronic complications.

At OCC, our bariatric surgeons are among the world’s most respected professionals in the field. Every person is different, and the results vary, patient to patient. Our success is the result of decades of research, and a focus on achieving improved surgical results and a faster recovery time.

Patient Success Stories

Cameron's patient journey before
Cameron's patient journey after


-185 lbs

I can never express enough how grateful I am for what OCC has done for me.

I was considered overweight and obese my entire life. At 35, after years of failed diets, therapy, and research, I realized that the only way for me to permanently loose weight was to have bariatric surgery. My doctors in the US wrote letters to my insurance, emphasizing the medical necessity of this surgery. But after a year of back and forth, my insurance turned me down. I thought all hope was lost until I heard about OCC from a friend. I’d never even heard of traveling to Mexico for surgery, but, after researching and talking to the OCC, I was all in. And I’m so glad I made this choice. The amount of guidance and care I received from OCC from the moment I called for information has been better than anything I’ve experienced in the US. The procedure was smooth—I felt safe and in good hands the entire time.

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Lorena's patient journey before
Tricia's patient journey after


-100 lbs

It’s highly reputable reputation and accreditation’s.

I was sick of being sick. I suffered from type 2 diabetes and fatty liver disease. I have two small children and was sick of being tired all the time and sitting on the sidelines. I decided I didn’t want to live this life anymore. That’s when I reached out to OCC and it was the best decision I ever made. I am now actually living and making each day count.

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Celeste's patient journey before
Celeste's patient journey after


-203 lbs

I needed a drastic change.

I had tried losing weight and failed on my own so many times before that I just knew I could no longer do it on my own. My health insurance benefits excluded weight loss surgery and I felt so defeated! I didn’t want the insurance companies to decide what I knew I needed. It wasn’t until I started searching for cash-pay costs that I ran across the OCC website (and several others). I looked at their testimonials and tried to find some of those people – I reached out to them on social media to get their thoughts. I started doing research on Dr. Ortiz. I researched the accreditations and certifications that the OCC held and was liking what I was learning. I looked into other facilities and Dr.’s, but none of them seemed to have as high of standards as OCC. After doing research and talking with others about their experiences both at OCC and at other facilities, I decided that it was time to get more information directly from OCC.

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Charlie's patient journey before
Charlie's patient journey after


-155 lbs

OCC, you gave me not only my life back, you gave me my smile back…

I have struggled with my weight my entire life. In the long run it became not only emotionally, but also medically necessary to make a drastic change in my life. I was recommended by a family friend who is also a Nurse Practitioner and she recommended me to OCC, specifically Dr. Ortiz. Of course I was apprehensive of the thought of having surgery in Mexico but she reassured me that she took care of several of OCC’s patients right here in my hometown and that if anyone knew exactly what they were doing it was OCC. I researched OCC as well as others, both domestic and foreign, and came to the conclusion that OCC was without a doubt one of the best, if not the best. From the first call to the coordinator to the moment I left Tijuana headed back home, I was treated with support, kindness, compassion, and empathy.

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Jamie's patient journey before
Jamie's patient journey after


-73 lbs

I did quite a bit of reading and felt OCC was the best choice and it was!

I have struggled with my weight for all of my adult years, my highest weight was 245 at one time. I maintained my weight loss around 165 lbs until about 2 years ago when my band started not holding any fluid and realized it had a leak. I started regaining weight and put on about 50 lbs. My experience with OCC and Dr. Ortiz was wonderful! I decided to revise to the gastric sleeve and everything was great, we stayed at a very nice hotel , and the staff there was just as good. I had excellent medical care from the start. I would absolutely recommend OCC to anyone who is struggling with their weight. I am now down about 80 lbs and have never felt better. I work out with a personal trainer and run 5ks!

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Elyse's patient journey before
Elyse's patient journey after


-65 lbs

Safety, professionalism, knowledge, accreditation.

I was tired of being fat, and for most 215 isn’t that bad. But for me I felt disgusting. I’m use to bring the pretty sexy one. Not the chubby funny girl. I didn’t know that out of country surgery was even a possibility. I had a friend have it done in Mexico and I was like I want that. I booked with another company and after research I found that they had a death and complications. They also used drain tubes which did not sound like fun! Then I found OCC and saw all the great reviews, no deaths and no drain tubes. I was so nervous yet excited. My experience was nothing but positive. I even came home early I was doing so well. I have tried every diet, I exercised regularly and I just kept gaining. This tool has helped me so much. I still continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly but now I actually see results or my hard work. This isn’t the easy way out you still have to put the work in.

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Dr. Arturo Martinez with a female patient

IGS Improved Gastric Sleeve®: Exclusive to Obesity Control Center

The OCC-exclusive IGS Improved Gastric Sleeve® is the result of years of experience and research in bariatric surgery. We have addressed the safety issue (staple line leaks) with The Double Buttress Over-Sewing Technique*

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Am I a candidate for gastric sleeve revision?

You have revision options if you have undergone a sleeve gastrectomy and are experiencing any of the following symptoms after bariatric surgery. You may be a good candidate for gastric sleeve revision in Tijuana, Mexico at OCC if you experience:

  • Less than 50% loss of the expected weight loss despite making dietary changes and eating fewer calories
  • Inadequate weight loss or partial or total weight regain that leads to a high BMI
  • Difficult food intake, such as an intolerance to normal solid foods, which can cause a vitamin deficiency
  • Weight gain and obesity related health issues are affecting your overall quality of life
  • You are experiencing health issues caused by the bariatric surgery

Advanced surgical techniques bring improved surgical results.

The durability of the weight loss procedure is further enhanced by reinforcing the staple line with this proprietary technique. The most common undesirable effect of a sleeve gastrectomy is heartburn symptoms (reflux disease and hiatal hernia). We have effectively diminished the problem with special attention placed on the GEF Triad (Gastro-Esophageal-Fundus Triad).

These are not just medical terms being thrown around. These are the key components of an Improved Gastric Sleeve with research and data to back it up.

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How does the gastric sleeve surgical technique influence weight regain?

We would like to start by saying that the Sleeve Rescue™ surgery has the same principle as a traditional sleeve gastrectomy, of creating a tubular-shaped stomach along most of its length. Still, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is not performed the same way by every bariatric surgeon. 

Surgical room at Obesity Control Center

Details of the gastric sleeve revision surgery

First, a sizing or calibration tube is placed in the stomach to provide a template for the surgeon. Some bariatric surgeons prefer a small, medium, or even large calibration device. If a surgeon uses the larger calibration device, there will be more stomach capacity after the healing process. If the capacity of the stomach reaches 2/3, it can lead to weight regain and excess weight. Another technical factor concerns the use of stomach staples. If a surgeon isn’t careful about positioning the staples, the bariatric surgery may result in a larger stomach with greater capacity.

This technical error can also make it difficult to lose weight and often leads to weight regain. Some bariatric surgery patients have a technically perfect procedure, but the capacity of the stomach increases to the point of causing weight regain. This increase could be due to a bariatric patient’s unique elastic capacity of the stomach. In other words, the stomach pouch can stretch or relax to hold more food in some people, which leads to weight gain. Learn more about your revision options here. 4, 5, 6

The OCC difference

  • A quarter-century specialized in the bariatric surgery field. We were some of the first to perform bariatric surgical procedures.
  • Three Master Bariatric Surgeons caring for every patient. You’re always in the hands of a world-renowned and highly-trained surgeon. We are the only international team of bariatric surgeons, offering globalized bariatric healthcare and the best of the best to our patients.
  • Fully accredited by Joint Commission International, which signifies that we met the highest standards in patient safety and quality available. We are also an SRC Center of Excellence in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery.
  • Pioneers in the field, including several registered techniques, patented devices, and many “firsts” in the field like teenage obesity treatments, the IGS Improved Gastric Sleeve®, the
  • Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve, the Double-Buttress Sewing Technique, and more.
  • Faster recovery and better outcomes. Shorter times under anesthesia and less-invasive abdominal wall preservation techniques for more weight loss and less risk to our patients.
  • Unique patient pre-surgery education and preparation and 5 years follow-up program to prevent weight regain, an industry first! To learn more about the OCC Difference, watch a detailed patient testimonial here.
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Gastric sleeve revision & tightening FAQS

Can the procedure resolve heartburn or acid reflux?

Can the procedure resolve heartburn or acid reflux?

One of the most common complaints from sleeve patients after their initial procedure is the discomfort of ongoing gastric reflux. In more than one study, the development or recurrence of a hiatal hernia after a sleeve gastrectomy leads to gastric reflux. During a gastric sleeve revision procedure in Tijuana, MX, we can repair the hernia with a quick and very low-risk procedure that yields excellent results for acid reflux control.

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Schedule your gastric sleeve revision in Tijuana, Mexico today

Call or email us here to start your weight loss journey with gastric sleeve revision in Tijuana, Mexico. Call one of our US-based scheduling facilitators and learn how you can get the life you’ve always wanted with bariatric surgery from Obesity Control Center.


  • S Brethauer, S Kothari, R Sudan, et al. Systematic review on reoperative bariatric surgery American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Revision Task Force. Surg Obes Relat Dis 10 (2014) 952–972
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