As an innovator, I have registered and helped patent several groundbreaking procedures in the U.S. trademarks and patents office. These procedures include the IGS, SSGS, the Sleeve Rescue, the Bypass Rescue, the Obalon, and the world’s first swallowable gastric balloon, to name a few. Our three decades of expertise and innovation have landed us in the media frequently, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Doctors, Nightline, Good Morning America, FOX News with Stuart Varney, and many others. Our standard of care is passed on to all our surgical team as well as our branded techniques so the patient can be sure that my team will always deliver the best possible care available anywhere. — Dr. Ariel Ortiz®

Medical Technology

Weight loss surgery demands a specialized environment that involves a huge investment into technology. Evaluating a destination will be challenging for you as a patient, but it’s important to consider, especially because you’re traveling to a distant organization for care. Technology includes IT systems like electronic medical records, scheduling software programs, Telehealth platforms, centralized command centers, and the latest specialized medical equipment. All costly investments, each one has its own set of engineers and technicians required to keep these running and up-to-date. At our facility, we go the extra mile by becoming centers of reference, centers of excellence, or partners with the biomedical industry such as Medtronic, Mindray Stryker, and LG to name a few.

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Medtronic is the global leader in medical devices. Even though other lesser quality and economic options are available, we only use the highest quality and latest medical devices available in the industry such as the TriStaple™ technology for safer surgical stapling.

We also use the world’s only cordless ultrasonic dissector, giving us distinct advantages over the traditional surgical methods. We are proud to have partnered with Medtronic and are founders of the Advanced Surgical Sciences Academy, where we train, develop, and improve advanced surgical technologies. 


Mindray™ is the leading manufacturer of medical monitors, smart anesthesia machines, and surgical suite environments that keep our patients safe and permit us to have full telemetry and tracking capabilities for them. Every time a monitor is connected to a patient, the information is automatically uploaded to the patient’s digital file, avoiding errors in transcription that are common in the healthcare environment. One of the most advanced anesthesia machines in the market allows us to microcode anesthetics, monitor them through digital algorithms, and permit us to return patients quicker to normal activities. In fact, many of our patients are back walking a couple of hours after surgery — and sometimes minutes!

In-House Medtronics Warehouse  

Guarantees top-of-the-line medical supplies available at all times.

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We’re proud to announce that our partnership has helped us acquire one of the most advanced surgical imaging units in the industry, Stryker®. We are one of the few hospitals in LA to have the most advanced fluorescence imaging equipment.

This technology is quickly becoming the surgical standard for complex bariatric procedures. This camera equipment we what we use to vie during surgery and is several times more advanced and sensitive than the naked eye.

LG Technology

New to the medical field, LG technology enhances patient care at many levels. For example, our hospital monitors greet our patients in their hospital rooms with a personalized menu with their name and a welcome message, pre- and post-surgery educational videos, prescriptions, and other vital information is displayed not to mention access to most of the top streaming platforms for entertainment. Digital signage is another area where LG shines, as it allows us to display educational videos in patient areas. Restricted hospital areas are enhanced by using monitors to display medical charts, surgery schedules, hospital patient lists, and telemetry, to name a few.

The Facility

Our facility redefines “state-of-the-art”. After three decades of experience, we have designed a one-of-a-kind, 360-care concept where each and every patient is always visible and in touch with the medical and nursing staff. Every area has been designed to exceed our patients’ needs during their short stay. Patient flow dynamics have been built into our center and will facilitate patient care at every level. Other essentials include specialized medical equipment from operating room tables, lights, and surgical equipment to specialized beds, monitors, and other equipment discussed in the Technology Video.

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Medical Team Continuous Education

Always review what will give your surgeon that extra advantage. Academics are an important part of a surgeon’s practice. Dr. Ariel Ortiz is the Professor of Surgery and Clinical Medicine UABC, which guarantees that the knowledge he applies on a daily basis is up-to-date.

He also happens to be the Global Director of the IBC Oxford University Academic Series, which gives him a distinct advantage of knowing and interacting academically with the top surgeons globally. 

In addition, he is Director of the Center for The Future of Surgery UCSD San Diego School of medicine in Tijuana. This is one of the world’s largest training facilities for surgery where groundbreaking technology is being developed. 

Patient Education Program

Every patient is enrolled in our OCC exclusive Patient Education & Tracking program. Every patient will receive a short informative video from day one.

These videos include essential pre-surgery information pertaining to patient preparation, nutritional and medical requirements before traveling, patient travel guidelines, and other important information.

During the few days before during after surgery, patients receive educational videos related to that period which cover information associated with recovery and nutrition. Our education program extends for five years and is especially important during the critical months after surgery to guarantee a full recovery and a successful and permanent outcome. This program has been custom-designed, and there are decades of accumulated knowledge and wisdom delivered to the patient’s inbox daily.

Our program is complemented by our state-of-the-art medical technology that facilitates the process even further. This is discussed in the Medical Technology Video.

The Program: Quality Compassionate Care

Surgery is just a tool. As such, a supporting program is essential for successful weight loss that does not result in failure a few years down the road. Our customized program starts with selecting the right patient for the right procedure. Patent selection and preparation are essential to keep the patient safe during surgery, which results in the best possible outcome. Our published 30-year track record of patient safety is the best in the industry. No patient travels to our facility unless they are fully approved by our multidisciplinary team until we are sure they are optimally prepared and ready for surgery. 

Patient Care Before Surgery

Our patient care coordinators are part of our team not a sales rep on commission wanting to make a quick sale. Our patient care coordinators have undergone extensive training and are specialized in educating the patient before surgery and are there to facilitate the process of patient scheduling. Our program includes an online patient portal that tracks and educates a patient from day one. This is an OCC exclusive. 

Visit our Patient Portal

Accreditations: The Only Trustworthy Source

How do you go about deciding on a provider for weight loss surgery when traveling abroad? You can get familiarized by reading the provider’s website. You can also read about them through reviews and online forums or get recommended by word of mouth. But is the information on the website trustworthy? Are a few reviews or word of mouth enough to trust a provider with your life and wellbeing? The only objective way to truly know your weight loss provider is by having an expert in the medical field review them. Reviewing a medical establishment is a complex matter, and much more if it is an international provider. It requires a careful analysis of the facility, its surgeons, the staff, and the medical practice.

This is why third-party accreditation organizations exist. They are experts in the field of quality and safety in healthcare, and they set the highest standards available annually.

A medical organization voluntarily submits a request to become accredited. Not only are these accreditations extremely expensive, they’re also very strict and most importantly, extremely challenging to obtain. The gold standard of all medical accreditations is the Joint Commission. Any doctor or nurse in the U.S. will tell you that there’s nothing more demanding and strict than being certified by Jaco. Being accredited means that you have successfully met the approximately 3,200 requirements of quality and safety assurance that they evaluate.
Joint Commission accreditation proves to patients and other facilities that your facility is devoted to providing the safest and highest-quality patient care. This is the highest U.S. standard in care, and very few bariatric surgery hospitals outside the U.S. have this accreditation. Obesity Control Center is the only facility in the world to have five worlds class. No hospital comes close.

BioMed Team

Our BioMed team members are engineers and experts in all the medical equipment that is required to monitor and intervene with a patient surgically, and to provide care after the procedure. When things go right, all is fine but if something malfunctions, things can get bad very quickly. At our facility, we double up on everything. We have redundancy at every level. This means that if something fails, we have a backup (and backup of the backup as well). These practices are rarely found in budget centers, and BioMed engineers are a rarity in hospitals offering budget weight loss surgery.

OR Nursing Team

Our OR nursing team members are specialized nurses that are experts in surgery techniques and assist the surgeons in performing the procedures safely and effectively. Our team is ACLS certified. Part of their activities includes teaching and researching.

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Quality Assurance Team

This is probably the most critical element of safety in any hospital. You will be hard-pressed to find any HT hospital that has this department. The Quality Assurance Team oversees, reviews, and improves quality in a hospital. 

This is a constant day in, day out. Quality assurance is dynamic and changes every day. Our quality director and team are accredited professionals in quality assurance and can boast they are backed up by being awarded five world-class quality accreditations. The single most important ingredient in safety is accreditation. Never forget in this equation: Quality equals safety. 

OCC’s epidemiologist is closely monitoring the COVID-19 status and is actively issuing updates as they are available. The Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization are the most trusted sources online.  While the CDC has announced new mask protocols for vaccinated individuals, there will be no changes for our office protocols for patients, guests, and staff members as the announcement does not apply to hospitals or medical facilities. Masks are still a requirement for all patients, guests and staff at our facility.

As we reinitiate weight loss surgery, we are constantly adapting and installing new and updated safety measures.

Weight loss surgery is medically necessary.

Bariatric Surgery and the clash of two pandemics.   

Major metabolic and bariatric surgery Societies and colleges globally are now calling for the safe resumption of bariatric and metabolic surgery before the COVID-19 pandemic is declared over. 

The sooner bariatric surgery can be safely performed, the quicker obesity, type 2 diabetes, and other diseases can be reduced or resolved as they are not only chronic they are also progressive.  Obesity is also linked to more than 40 diseases including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and at least 13 different types of cancer.

A recent statement from the ASMBS says “Before COVID-19 began, it was clear that patients with obesity were ‘safer through surgery.’ In the era of COVID-19, ‘safer through surgery’ for patients with obesity may prove to be even more important than before.” Obesity and Metabolic syndrome have been identified as an independent risk factor for adverse outcomes including death among COVID-19 patients.

See here for full COVID-19 update. 

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