Research suggests 20-30% of patients either do not achieve their weight loss goals or regain weight after bariatric surgery.

How can you make sure you are not included in this stats? You´ll first need to follow a diet and exercise as recommended by an expert on gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico.

Here are 3 simple and common actions to avoid weight regain:

1. Patients who drink liquids while eating will flush down the food from the “pouch”, this will make them feel hungry sooner than expected and will lead them to grazing, therefore to regain weight.

What to do: Liquids should be taken 5 min before a meal and resumed 45 minutes later.

2. Patients who stop taking supplements or those who downsize the dosage with over-the-counter supplementation. Antioxidants, vitamins and minerals have an important role in cell function, including weight loss.

What to do: Supplements must meet bariatric dosages, have high-quality ingredients, and include antioxidants to assist in sustainable weight loss.

3. Liquid calories are calories that bypass the “pouch´s” purpose (satiety, restriction and hunger), and all calories are absorbed at the gut …ALL 1,200 calories from a Macchiato!

What to do

Drink calorie-free liquids to stay hydrated. All you need is water and green tea!

Reference article: Johnson Stocklossa, C and Atwal, S. Nutrition Care for Patients with weight regain after Bariatric surgery. Gastroenterology Research and Practice. 2013;2013:1-7.

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