Most people with obesity don’t seek surgical help.

Although there is a lot of information regarding obesity, which clearly shows the great health benefits that surgical procedures offer for weight reduction or bariatric, most people with this illness don’t request these services. In our experience not having access to these services and/or afraid to suffer any complication related to the surgery, are the main reasons why people don’t seek surgical help.

Why don’t they seek help?

There are many taboos and disinformation regarding the safety of the weight loss procedures, which without doubt is one of the main worries, if not the main, to make the decision whether to have surgery or not; despite the recent results that show a significant decrease in the incidence of complications compared to 10 years back. For example, the incidence of leaks in stapled areas has diminished a 50%, being currently less than 1% of incidence as accepted in sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. All of this is the result of the technological advances and the cumulus of experience in the last decade.

Why we are your best option

Safe surgery is our main priority in OCC, with 0% of mortality in more than 14 years of experience with a vast number of patients. We also haven’t reported any leak nor fistula in the stapling technique processes, such as Gastric Sleeve  in Mexico, including all revision surgeries.

To offer these results many elements must be met. It is clear that experience, surgical ability and advanced and safe technical development with modern equipment play an important role; however, the responsibility does not only lie on the surgical team, but also, depends on the patients’ pre-surgical preparation and adherence to the pre-op indications, such as: a good nutrition, supplement with vitamins and protein shakes, pre-op weight loss, proper care of preexistent diseases, exercise routine weeks before surgery date and do all necessary protocol studies for each inidual case. Also, all harmful habits must be avoided.

A properly informed patient and in hands of an experienced bariatric surgical team and dedicated to practice safe surgery, is extremely rare for a complication to arise. It is rational to try to conquer personal fears and seek help for a problematic disease like obesity, which hardly can be managed with non-surgical methods.

“The biggest risk is to do nothing against obesity”.

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