Can something good be improved upon? The Gastric Sleeve has had some negative press recently. Check out what OCC has done to make a good procedure even better.

The Sleeve: What’s good about it?

The gastric sleeve surgery has been around for two decades, and in that time it has positioned itself as one of the more popular procedures for weight loss globally, offered by many surgeons and frequently sought out by patients. This procedure has passed the test of time, but like all techniques, it has had its share of failures, complications and undesirable side effects.

  • Perfected technique in expert hands overtime
  • Complications have decreased as have the undesirable side effects.
  • Safe and effective in general
  • First choice for surgical weight loss.

The Sleeve: What’s bad about it?

What about those that say the gastric sleeve isn’t as good and will lose popularity over time? The comments are so negative  that they will make you think twice about getting the sleeve. What are they saying?

  • Heartburn and reflux disease can appear after the procedure.
  • Gastric leaks are unusual but is also mentioned in the list of negatives.
  • Failure rate end the weight regain after several years have passed after surgery.

Is this the end of the gastric sleeve? Is this technique dead or dying? Well at OCC we think not!

The Improved Gastric Sleeve

After a quarter century of accumulated experience in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery our need for improvement never ceases. This is probably no secret as we now claim a total of FOUR Quality and Safety Accreditations… FOUR!  Safety and Quality is part of our DNA at OCC. and part of our constant improvement commitment. Why? because we really care. We care for our patient’s well being and their successful outcomes. What does this have to do with a surgical procedure you ask? Everything. Let’s make something good even better.

What if I told you that the goal was to make a Leak Proof, Fail Proof, Heartburn Proof procedure and achieve even better more durable weight loss. Well we have been working on using our two decades of accumulated experience and have redesigned the procedure as an Improved version of the original, your guessed it! The IGS®, Improved Gastric Sleeve, the new way to have gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. Let’s break it down for you.

The Goals of the Improved Gastric Sleeve:

Leak proof: The worst possible complication that can happen with the sleeve is a gastric leak. Most people have heard about this life threatening complication so we will not go into detail here. But what we can tell you is that we have used a proprietary technique known as the OCC Double Buttress Technique that creates a ziploc® style double seal that has shown to prevent leaks. This buttressing also creates a durable, less stretchable sleeve that is explained below.

Fail proof: Sleeves are prone to stretch over time, like any other weight loss procedure. This is explained simply because of the nature of the tissue involved. The goal during surgery is to calibrate a sleeve to a size that compensates for that stretching after surgery. This is a delicate balance between a calibration that is too lose (that can result in failure) and too tight (that can result in back pressure, heartburn and poor weight loss). But getting it right by using the buttressing technique to create a Micro Calibrated and Re-enforced sleeve. These are the keys to a more durable better weight loss.

Heartburn Proof: This is where is gets tricky. Experts around the world have explained that it is in the sleeve’s nature to generates acid reflux. This is because it creates a smaller pouch  that increases the pressure inside the stomach and creates back pressure. It is this back pressure that causes the heartburn symptoms.  After much research and patient followup we have designed a technique that prevents the development a hiatal hernia after the sleeve procedure. This is the number one cause for acid reflux in sleeve surgery patients. The Fundic Anchor is not only the solution to this problem, it is replicating the original anatomy brought to you originally by none other than… mother nature!

The IGS®, The Improved Gastric Sleeve is the start of a new era in surgical weight loss. It is the result of years of accumulated experience, observation followup and the application of the advances in surgical techniques improving upon a popular procedure that has helped hundreds of thousands reach metabolic health and wellness through surgical weight loss.

Dr. Ortiz with improved gastric sleeve surgery patients in Tijuana


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