You are absolutely right…there is a beast, it is primal instinct and that is why I call it “our crocodile”, it feeds from sugars!

See here, sugars produce hormones that signal the same centers as cocaine and heroine to the brain and keep you wanting for more. Over time, you need more sugar (same as with drugs) to have the same reward center stimulus. Most people will think is their lack of will, and hurt themselves with negative and guilty thoughts. The truth is that your body is being kidnapped by your hormones.  To keep the crocodile at ease (imagine it as laying in the sun, next to a river, unbothered), this is what you can do:

– Feed your crocodile every so often (you don´t want it to wake up)…that is why we recommend establishing mealtimes and not skipping a meal.> – Take your nutritional status to the next level (use your supplements and super foods). A lot of the times we look for sugars to get some energy…masking and worsening our nutritional status over time.> – Be ready to face the withdrawal syndrome, prepare ahead with protein-rich snacks and take them with you. When you eat snacks, eat until fully satisified, otherwise you would be grazing.> – Make sure your gut is working, get enough fiber from veggies and fruits and/or supplements and include probiotics.  Sugars also feed the “small beasts” which are bacteria and yeasts at the gut increasing the risk of candidiasis. Candida overgrowth will make you hungry (and lead to infections you may think were unrelated to what you eat, like vaginal or skin infections).> – Identify the sugars in you diet and cut them out cold turkey. Flour, “diet” stuff (which leads you to compensate the sugars you savor though not found), anything with a “…ose” in labels (glucose, dextrose…etc), “healthy sugars like molasses or agave honey and of course, sugar concentrates like juices.>  > I´ve noticed my crocodile is really bad by 5 pm, so by 4:30 pm I have a protein shake with berries and chia/flax seeds (for additional fiber). I found this very helpful, especially after indulging…hey, I´m human too 🙂>  > I hope this helps.>  >  > To see more, read Lori’s Blog: >

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