iHealth Core uses the bioimpedance method by using 4 conductors to determine the hindrance of electrical flow through the body and uses that to calculate the total body water. From the total body water, it can estimate the 9 data points. As a bonus, we have a separate sensor for indoor temperature and humidity, so you can adjust your thermostat to keep your body in optimal condition. No matter whether we are young or old, our health should still be the first priority. Knowing your weight and body composition gives you the opportunity to make better decisions regarding your lifestyle habits. Your body won’t always tell you directly what it needs, but iHealth Core can be the messenger.

Weight: You can know if you are healthy for your height. A small number or large number may not necessarily be better.

Body Water: It lets you know how much water is in your system and can help you tell if you need to drink more water.

Muscle Mass: If you are looking to build muscle, this can show you how much muscle you have now

Body Fat: It helps you to adjust your lifestyle. The lower the better.

Lean Mass: Lean mass helps gauge how many calories you burn at rest. It can help you know how many calories you need to intake.

Bone Mass: It tells you how much your bones weigh.

BMI: It determines if your weight may be due to fat. The lower the better.

Visceral Fat Rating: This is important to understand how much fat you have in the abdominal wall. You can use this to manage your health and prevent diabetes, hypertension and metabolic syndrome.

Daily Calorie Intake: Use this to eat the optimal amount of calories you need.

At Obesity Control Center, Tijuana, Mexico, we care about your weight and reach your health goals, so we encourage to monitor your weight daily, be active and exercise.


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