When patients visit our center, they come in with an assorted amount of information prior to surgery, but they often forget one simple tool for recovery that’s as easy as breathing.

Meet the spirometer

It’s easy to use because, that’s all you do! Breathe! Most patients look at it as a simple plastic device with a ball(s) that rise up and down, but in reality it can be a life-saving device. Given the fact that a patient is lying in bed most of the time after gastric sleeve surgery, it’s very important to use the spirometer for two great reasons:

  • To help exercise the lungs and prevent any bacteria from settling and causing Pneumonia;
  • To expand your lungs and push away the remaining CO2 used for the laparoscopic surgery.

When used in combination with walking, the spirometer helps the patients achieve a much recovery in a shorter time, along with avoiding the before mentioned complications.

The patient is encouraged to use his or her spirometer 10 times every hour while they’re awake, and after being discharged, using it 2-3 times a day for one more week. It’s easy to forget using it, because it’s breathing, but when the patient uses it, they notice the improvement in the recovery process and feel better during the entire stay!

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