Part 4: The Stress of Success

In Part 1: Interests
We identified that what you are passionate about is the key component of being happy and living a balanced life. These passions are your DNA fingerprint. They are who you are and what makes you tick, but are often neglected or ignored because they appear to be indulgences in your busy, crowded life of commitments and obligations.

In Part 2: Strengths
We looked at how you operate best on a good hair day. You have specific skill sets, behaviors, habits and practices — ways that you go about navigating life. These skill sets are your operating manual for how you put your best foot forward, do your best work, and win at the game of life

Part 3: Needs
This conversation started to open up the Pandora’s Box of what you need from others, or from your environment, to put your best foot forward and let your Strengths sing! This is where in

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