Eko, the company that’s responsible for the Eko CORE digital stethoscope we highly praised, is now releasing an interesting new device that provides ECG and auscultation capabilities in a mobile package. The Eko DUO looks a bit like a cell phone from the 1990’s, but with only three buttons on its body. When held against the chest, it provides both a 1-lead ECG and auscultation comparable to a standard stethoscope.

The device can be used by clinicians or by patients themselves. As a clinical tool, it can work just like a typical stethoscope, featuring a 3.5 mm audio jack on the bottom that can accept headphones, external speakers, or a traditional stethoscope earpiece that comes along in the product box.

If used remotely by the patients, the heart and lung sounds, as well as the ECG chart, can be easily shared with their doctors via the accompanying Eko app. The sounds and ECG readings are recorded simultaneously, and are shown synchronized together within the HIPAA compliant app. The data can also be transferred into a hospitals electronic medical records (EMR) to keep on file in case further review is necessary.

The DUO features wireless charging, as it’s simply placed on top of an accompanying charging pad whenever the batteries start to run low. Of note, a single charge is sufficient for about nine hours of continuous vitals recording and to help increase that, the DUO automatically shuts down after five minutes of not being used.

The digital stethoscope amplifies sounds up to sixty times and comes with built-in noise reduction, as well as four digital audio filters (diaphragm, bellmode, midrange, and extended). The ECG works at 500 Hz sampling resolution, the signals passing through a .01 Hz high pass filter and through a selectable 50 or 60 Hz mains filter.

This is certainly an interesting product, and having been impressed by the Eko CORE stethoscope.

At Cardiac Care and OCC Health we are using the Eko CORE technology with all our patients to detect any heart or cardiopulmonary problems.

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