Bariatric Surgery and Exercise

Patients that undergo, either a Gastric Sleeve or a Gastric Plication, are encouraged to start an exercise routine in order to accomplish their weight loss goals. But what exercises are safe and when can they start them?

The best recommendation we give patients is that they should start walking as soon as they are recovering from surgery, because it helps to dissipate the gas that is used for the laparoscopic surgery. After they are discharged, patients are encouraged to continue walking during the day. Normally it’s recommended for patients to walk at lest 30 minutes a day.

After surgery

After surgery patients have limitations in terms of weight lifting, this type of exercise is not recommended until after 3 weeks post surgery, and even then, they should start off slow, with very minimal weight.

Later on, as the patients progress and lose weight, they can start doing other exercise routines, such as running, bicycling, swimming. Afterwards, they can choose more vigorous activities, as long as they are safe for them to do. We always recommend they ask us before starting any new routines in order to determine if they are safe for the patients to do.

You know your limits

The best measuring point for how much a patient can do is the patient itself, how they feel and if they can tolerate it. We recommended they start slowly and work their way to a better health.

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