Gastric Bands

Adjustable Gastric Bands are still a very effective option to control obesity, especially for those patients who do not wish to undergo a more invasive and permanent procedure, such as the Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass.

All around the world, each day, thousands of Gastric Band procedures are performed and patients need a place to have their bands adjusted. In most centers, band adjustments are done in offices with no radiological equipment (fluoroscopy). At Obesity Control Center our Gastric Band are more effective as we do use fluoroscopy, if you are considering Gastric band in Mexico. In our more than 10,000 adjustments of experience, we’ve demonstrated a better weight loss percentage and with an average of 3 fills to reach ideal restriction.

Why Fluoroscopy fills are better

Adjustment done in offices with no X-ray equipment, are proven to be left too tight on most cases (they do not tolerate solid foods like chicken, fish, red meet, etc.). Due to this, after a few days, patients must go back to the doctor’s office to “de-adjust” the band, for them to be able to eat again. This becomes an inconvenience, especially for those patients who need to travel or commute long distances. Patients, who have their bands adjusted without an X-ray machine, need around 10 adjustments to reach an ideal restriction. This leads to mayor expenses; the average adjustment cost is 300-500 USD.

On the other hand, adjustments with fluoroscopy (X-rays) allows us to have a clear vision of the gastrointestinal anatomy when the patient swallows a contrast liquid (it has a similar consistency to a protein shake), giving as a result a perfect adjustment at all times. The contrast liquid also detects if the band is lose or too tight, or problems such as slippage, enlarged pouch or irritation in the esophagus or stomach mucous; sometimes, we do food tests to see the food behavior when going through the Gastric Band. In addition, with the image, patients have a better understanding of how the band works, sticking to the rules on what to eat (chew slowly, don’t drink while eating, etc.). To learn more about fluroscopy, click here.

Why #OCC uses Fluoroscopy

In conclusion, having a Gastric Band adjustment under fluoroscopy is definitely a better option to achieve an “ideal” restriction, where patients can small food portions without vomiting or having reflux, also the quantity of adjustments (fills) are much less compared to adjustments in offices with no X-ray equipment. We recommend you to talk to you physician to make your band adjustments with fluoroscopy to achieve better long-term results. Checkout our procedures If you want to learn more about Gastric Band in Mexico or other surgeries for weight loss.

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