Is Gastric Plication Surgery Right for You?

Is Gastric Plication Surgery Right for You?

Overweight couple upset with exercise in need of Gastric PlicationGastric plication is one of the newest weight loss procedures available, and medical professionals are already calling it the most exciting advancement in the field since the adjustable Lap band.

Also known as the Stomach Sparing Gastric Sleeve™, this procedure has shown to produce significant weight loss results for patients who are dealing with weight gain and obesity.

If you are considering any type of bariatric (weight loss) surgery, then you likely already know the frustration of not being able to lose weight on your own:

You’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with these same issues every day. But before you throw in the towel completely, it’s important to keep in mind that you still have options.

Gastric plication is one of several safe, proven and effective weight loss surgeries that could help you get your body and life back on track. While you may be feeling frustrated and looking for the quickest solution, it’s crucial that you take the time to learn about the procedure and understand your options.

At Obesity Control Center, we want to help you achieve the life-changing transformation you’ve been dreaming about, only after making an informed decision. We created this page to help you educate yourself on the procedure and guide you in the right direction.

What is gastric plication surgery?

Gastric sleeve plication is a weight loss procedure that involves creating a sleeve within the stomach that helps to limit the amount of food one can eat before reaching a feeling of fullness.

The sleeve is created by holding stomach tissues together by surgical suture – a medical device that is essentially like thread. The stomach’s natural nutrition absorption capabilities are preserved, while food intake is reduced.

The procedure is also sometimes referred to as gastric imbrication or laparoscopic greater curvature plication.

How is it different from the traditional gastric sleeve?

Gastric plication can be considered an alternative version of the traditional gastric sleeve. Both procedures involve creating a sleeve within the stomach that helps patients feel full faster and consume smaller amounts of food.

However, there are significant differences in how the sleeves are created.

Gastric Plication DiagramStudies have shown that gastric plication can also eliminate some of the potential complications associated with traditional gastric sleeves, because of the suturing process. The procedure has also been recommended as the ideal revision surgery for patients who have experienced complications from Lap band surgery.

A study published in Bariatric Times showed that weight loss outcomes for both male and female patients were very significant and comparable to that of gastric bypass surgery.

Because the procedure has proven to achieve such significant results, it now accounts for roughly half of all weight loss surgeries performed at Obesity Control Center in Mexico.

How much does gastric plication cost?

The cost of gastric sleeve plication surgery will vary depending on your specific situation. To discuss your options confidentially with our skilled specialists, please call us toll free at 1-866-Dr-Ortiz (866-376-7849) or complete our contact form.

At Obesity Control Center, we do everything we can to help our patients achieve the life-changing transformation they need – within their budget. Weight loss surgery is more affordable than you may think. But if you have concerns about cost, we are happy to provide helpful financing options to make the decision even easier.

Rest assured, you will receive unparalleled care and undivided attention at Obesity Control Center.

Included in the cost of your gastric plication surgery:

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Happy Family Riding Bikes After Gastric Plication ProcedureObesity Control Center is the world leader in weight loss surgeries. Having performed more than 10,000 procedures, our surgical experts have unmatched experience in gastric plication, Lap band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and the gastric balloon – a procedure we pioneered.

Our state-of-the-art facilities have been recognized as an International Center of Excellence for the superior care and safety we provide to patients – a designation that 95% of American hospitals do not have.

Contact us today to discuss your options in confidence, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

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